Fair trade natural products, 100 % organic

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Terracotta bowls

unglazed Terracotta bowls produced in Upper Egypt.

individual designs







£ 2.95


£ 4.10





KORSY armchairs/chairs/benches/side or coffee tables and QAFAS crates

are produced out of ‘jareed’ (palm leaves Midrib/core) by families on a Fair Trade basis in the vicinity of Rashid/Egypt.

Our ‘jareed’ (palm leaves Midrib/core) material is untreated


Environmentally viable, bio degradable,100 % organic, renewable material


approx measurement 60 x 60 x 80 cms

material description, see above @ £79 + VAT


approx measurement 40 x 50 x 80 cms

material description, see above @ £69 +VAT

SIDE/COFFEE TABLES, rectangular, round or square

rectangular: approx  70 x 60 x 55 cms

round: approx diametre 60 cm

square: approx 40 x 40 x 55/60 cms


material description, see above @ £76 +VAT


approx measurement 90 x 50 x 80 cms

material description, see above

this article is a special order

QAFAS, crates

our large size: 35 x 27 x 19 cms

our small size: 30 x 23 x 18 cms

all sizes are approx

material description, see above


individually created pillow charmers with a blue stone/eye for good luck

The pillow charmers are scented with 100% natural Damascene Rose essence.

Left on the pillow during the day to develop its rosy aura

£ 6.90


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